Rent a bike

Rent a bike in Malmo

Rent a bike
If you visit Malmo you can get more information in the The official visitor site of Malmö, Sweden. Here you will find anything about traveling, living and eating in Malmo. Here is also maps so you can travel safely on your bike.Here is also a short movie about biking in Malmö.

Our bikes are equipped with a regular lock and reflective lights. Reflective vests, a helmet and an extra lock can be provided.
Delivery Outside Malmö according to agreement with customer.

Price rent a bike

One day            150 SEK
3days            390 SEK
5days           550 SEK
Delivery anywhere in Malmo 
For an example at your hotel, train station or anywhere you want. 

Delivery price 150SEK  (Orders over 500SEK = free delivery)

Phone 0046 735 402 010
rent a bike in malmo malmö
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